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Which FLV Player is for You?

Learn Which Product Is Best For You — In Depth Reviews

Hi, I'm Jason. You're probably looking for a solution to playing your FLV Files and I've put together some reviews and download links to help you out there.

First off let me just point out a FLV file is a 'Flash Video File'. Flash video is the most popular option for streaming videos to people. and sites like that have made it mega-popular. It's good quality and can stream in a fashion where the viewer can jump to part of the video or let it buffer.

Hands down, the best (and free) solution for playing FLV files is a program called VLC Player. If you want to save yourself the time in reading reviews - just click the big download button below.

This Program is Free and used by over 300'000'000 people!

Top Products

VLC Player plays FLV Files

VLC is a free Media Player program for Windows, Mac and Linux. It plays FLV and nearly every other format available. It’s a compact video player with ease of use but with the advanced capabilities that could have you reaching for the user manual.
What I love about this program is it’s effortless ability to play [...]

Play Flash Video with FlowPlayer

Flowplayer is a video player for the World Wide Web. It allows users to embed video streams on their personal web pages. It is a free softwareproject with a GPL 3+ license. Unbranded versions without copyright notices and built-in support for personalized branding are available by commercial license. It can play flash video.
Some of the features include a high level of customization [...]

FLV Codec Plugin

The Play FLV codec is not a stand-alone FLV Video Player but it does give your installation of Windows Media Player the ability to play FLV files by installing a codec.
The Plugin Codec is an installation package that enables Windows Media Player to play FLV (Flash Video) files.
Key features

Plugin that enables Windows Media Player [...]